Who is the Right Candidate?


The 2023 general election is fast approaching candidates have started declaring their intentions for the presidential bid. Their various campaigns will start in earnest, a lot of them will start looking for means to buy votes but remember the choice is still yours.

     Nigeria has everything she needs to be a great country within her, all she needs is the right leader with a beautiful vision for the country and who has the right knowledge to bring the vision to reality. Nigeria is blessed with as many mineral resources as you can think of is it coal, tin, bitumen, gold, limestone, iron ore, crude oil etc but we lack the right management which can make good use of these resources to bring Nigeria to the future.  

      Insecurity is just one of the many problems in Nigeria. What is your candidate’s vision to fix insecurity in Nigeria and how does he or she expects to carry it out? The northern part of the country has suffered so much from insecurity, people can’t sleep in their homes with both eyes closed, with rest of their minds, students’ can’t go to school because terrorists attack any time of the day, anywhere. People can’t go to work because they don’t know if it’s safe. This has also caused the large extent of the rural-urban migration which has reduced the manpower for agriculture and this has made the farm produce very expensive.

         The rate of unemployment in Nigeria in the year 2022 has been roughly estimated to be thirty-three per cent which shouldn’t be for a country that wants to attain economic development, with the level of unemployment being that high, this only means the level of standard of living of Nigeria is very low because a large number of families living in Nigeria cannot afford three square meal per day.

   The transportation system in Nigeria is almost at level zero. Can you drive 5 meters without getting into a pothole?, the major means of transportation in Nigeria which is road transportation is absolutely nothing to write home about. The heavy traffic faced by people in the morning while going to work and while coming from work is enough to cause a mental breakdown. There are some of these people who are parents who still have obligations towards their family, and most of all their children, when these parents are already consumed by the traffic jam they faced, how would they have the time or the energy to fulfil their obligations to their wards and teach them the right morals to uphold the rules and regulations. If their parents don’t have time for them then who is going to teach them right from wrong, the result of this is the increase in social vices in our society today.

     Is your candidate aware of the problems Nigerians are facing day-in-day-out? If not, what do you expect him to perform on getting to the office? Absolutely nothing because he is not well aware of what Nigerians are facing before they are able to make living to survive. Therefore, make the right decision when choosing a candidate for the coming election because remember the choice you make affects us all.

Written by: Aderonke Ojedokun


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