Man dodges family bullet, girlfriend calls off wedding

Man dodges family bullet, girlfriend calls off wedding

Man shares a true-life story of how his friend managed to dodge a potential family bullet after he refused to foot the bill for his bride’s transportation to his wedding.

The friend who has been scheduled to take his wife-to-be to the alter on the 8th of this month claims he does not have the kind of money to throw away on a flight for the bride’s family to attend their wedding. The girlfriend who believed he has the money but just doesn’t want to spend consequently called off the wedding.

A friend of the groom has taken to Twitter to share the story and in his opinion, he believed that his friend has successfully managed to dodge a bullet by this as such a lady could even be the beginning to the end of his friend’s prosperity if they end up being married.

There is a saying that “no matter how wealthy a man is, a bad wife would reduce him to ruins.”

Read his tweet below:

My guys wedding is on the 8th May. His wife to be asked him to book flight for her family members to attend their wedding. The guy said he doesn’t have that kind of money to throw away. She called off the marriage.

One of the comments under the post says that the man should thank his God for delivering him from such a marriage. Read below…

Your friend should do 7 nights of praise and worship. He should just wake up by 12 am and keep thanking God for His deliverance upon his life. This is a good testimony.

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