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Liya x Simi – Adua Remix (Audio + Lyrics)

by Sola Legend
Liya x Simi - Adua

After the success of her debut EP last year, Liya proceeds with an impressive remix of the fan favourite tune ‘Adua‘. In this new piece, the talented singer combines forces with Studio Brat’s head honcho, Simi.

Produced by Awoleye Okikiolu Tolulope aka Zaki, ‘Adua Remix‘ serves as Liya’s first official output for 2020. It is a follow-up to her debut extended play tagged ‘Alari‘.


Cote ti won loja
(Food costs too much)

Pikin dey find mother

Won le elomi bota
(Some have been evicted)

Pako dey beef butter oh
(The poor hate the rich)

Se bi won ni pe olowo laye mo
(They said the world only knows the rich)

K’owo sa ma bo o
(Let money come to me)

As I dey go make I come
Make d thing reach my turn
Make my fire dey burn

Mo ri ri Mo ri ire gba o
Mo raanu mi
K’ona la o

Eyi eyi mo fi n duro
(Instead of being idle)

Mu kan meji a mi a jora won
(I’ll start picking up the pieces myself)

Eru o ba mi o
(I’m not afraid)

Baba ti gbo Adura
(God has answered my prayers)

Aya o fo mi o
(No fear,no fear) x2

(Maa rora mi a gbese)
One step at a time Suliyat

Suliyat Maa rora mi a gbese
(Take your time to walk majestically Suliyat )

So ri mi mo fera bi abebe
(As you can see ,I am grand and regal )

Omoge to tun san to tun pepper
(I stun them, I enchant them ). X2

Mo ri ri
Mo riire gba o
Nnkan mo ri
(What my eyes have seen)

Oju o le gba o
(You can’t take half of it)

Eyi eyi mo fi n duro
(Now instead of being idle)

Mukan meji a mi a jora won
(I’ll start picking up the pieces myself)

Eru o ba mi o
(No fear, no fear)
Aya o fo mi o
(I’m not afraid). X2

Instead of waiting for help
I’ll start picking myself up by myself
I have worked really hard, thought you knew
E no Dey easy
No man is an island


Elevate me
Elevate Meee

Listen to Adua remix below.

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