How to Maximize Your Time in 6 Simple Steps

Have you ever wondered if others had more than 24 hours? If your answer is yes, this is possibly because you have seen what others have accomplished in a short period of time.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some simple steps that would help you use your time more effectively.

  1. Be your own boss. Picture this, you’re the CEO and your life is an organization. Basically, the main idea is that a CEO is very busy and has limited time. Therefore, he puts structures in place to ensure a positive use of his time. As a CEO, you don’t just let the day go by without achieving a task or just adjust your schedule to suit others. A CEO understands the concept of how proper time management would move the organization forward.
  2. Have a plan. Don’t let the day run you. You need to be intentional on the choices you make daily with your time. Write down what you want to do each day and allocate a time slot for them. If you have plans for your day, it would help you to adjust to sudden pop ups and enables you to provide rational responses to any change of plans. You won’t waste the whole 24 hours in a day being a couch potato. You’ll begin to discover new things about yourself, have more time to think.
  3. Make a list where necessary. You might want to list out all the important things you plan to achieve within the set time. This will pilot you through your piled up activities.
  4. Be committed. It’s one thing to make a schedule, and another to follow it. Commit your energy and be willing to follow your schedule. Think of how it would make you a more organized person. This wouldn’t be easy at first.
  5. Avoid Procrastinations. You have made a list and have planned out how to achieve each item or task completed. Now, a dangerous thing to do is to procrastinate. You feel like to postpone the next task till a later time and it seems like the bravest thing to do but you should be careful here. The goal is to maximize your time and have more time for whatever task is ahead
  6. Rest at the right time. Take a break at the set time and rest well when there is the need to. Most time we get so engaged on our mobile devices and turn rest times to chat-times. When there is need to rest, you might want to keep away from little distractions so that you regain your as much energy as possible for your next set of activities.

One thing to remember is having a plan in place helps you to be a better boss, colleague, parent or whatever it is the role you play in society. Effective time management helps you to see positive results in your efforts. If this is to work out, you need to be committed and disciplined!


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