Four Ways to Deal With Peer Pressure

Everybody has peers. Peers can be your companions who are about your age and have comparable interests. You may not believe the entirety of your companions to be your friends genuinely. However, they would all be able to impact you.

Peer pressure can be positive or negative. When peer pressure is positive, it pushes you to be your best. Negative peer pressure is the point at which somebody who is a friend causes you to feel that you need to be acknowledged effectively. It is the negative peer pressure that we generally consider when the expression peer pressure is utilised. When you surrender to negative peer pressure, you regularly feel regretful or frustrated with yourself for acting in a manner that conflicts with your convictions or qualities.

The important question now is, how do we deal with these friends that influence us negatively? How do we deal with peer pressure?

  1. Focus on how you feel. On the off chance that something doesn’t have a good outlook on a situation, it likely isn’t. Regardless of whether your friends appear to be alright with what is happening, the situation may not be appropriate for you.
  2. Make plans ahead. Ponder on how you will react in various circumstances. Plan what you will say and do in uncomfortable situations. If you are having issues with this, you can put together three ways to go about it.
  3. Say NO like you are not joking. This is the most fundamental approach to responding to peer pressure. Simply say NO. Standing up to peer pressure will save you the difficulty of getting forced again in the future since it sends a reasonable message that you’re not intrigued.
  4. Be firm. This shows that you’re not ready to compromise. Change the subject when you are feeling awkward reacting to questions from your friends. Also, keeping away from the questioning may send the message that you’re eager. However, you don’t have any desire to react at the moment. That might prompt further pressuring later on.
  5. In a situation where you can’t sit and listen anymore, leave. This is an incredible choice in case you’re feeling bashful or threatened, or on the other hand, if you would prefer not to put on a show of being discourteous. Concoct a type of pardon, apologise, and move away in a hurry. For example, make a fake phone call and ask that you meet up with a friend waiting for you.
  6. Have friends with comparative qualities and convictions. It is simpler to say NO when another person is saying it. Saying NO together makes it simpler for the both of you.
  • Get support. You must get help from an adult like a parent, instructor when you don’t know how to deal with that particular situation. An adult can pay attention to you and help you with techniques that may work in your circumstance.

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Remember, the ultimate way to deal with peer pressure is to stay ahead of them. Have solid convictions, so you are not an easy target. When they notice that you are not, they shift attention.

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