How to keep the spark alive in your relationship

How to keep the spark in your relationship

How to keep the spark alive in your relationship; Relationships are beautiful, especially at the early stage. You are both getting to know each other and there is a lot of laughing, giggling and catching up but you notice that as time goes on, You start to lose touch with your partner.

This could be because you have a life outside of your relationship. Work, family or school is also calling for your attention, you don’t know how to keep up and your partner is at the receiving end of this.

You want to make your partner feel like they are a priority in your life and you don’t want to lose them. The tips in this article will show you how to keep the spark alive in your relationship.

Communicate your feelings

The importance of communication can never be overemphasised. Have proper in-depth conversations about how you feel. If you haven’t been as available as you used to be, explain the reason it is that way. Confide in your partner and let them do the same, find out ways to address issues by coming together to talk about them.

Try out new things with your partner

It doesn’t hurt to be adventurous. You probably have a phobia of something, it could be heights, going skydiving with your partner can help you get rid of this fear. Doing things you haven’t done before with your partner can have a positive impact on your relationship.

Ask questions

If your partner isn’t the outspoken type, you would need to be observant, watch their moods to find out if anything is bothering them. When you notice any change, ask questions. Get to the root of any form of upheaval. Your partner might be having a hard time at work and they just need to unload on someone who will listen. It is important to leave room for both comfortable and uncomfortable conversations.

Create time out of your busy schedule

Spending time with your partner is as important as making sure you do not skip breakfast. Hang out with your partner, go on dates.

You might not even need to step out of the house, spending time with your partner sometimes can mean playing video games indoors. Ensure to eliminate every form of distraction, when spending time with your partner.

Be spontaneous

Do something new and exciting once in a while, catch them by surprise. Following the same pattern of doing things might become boring. If you normally call them by a specific pet name, switch it up and call them an even better pet name one morning, watch your partner blush pink.

Understand your partner’s love language

Falling in love is easy but loving your partner exactly the way they would love to be loved requires due diligence. If your partner feels special when you buy them gifts, that could be the way they want you to love them. If word of affirmation is their love language, you’ll have to learn some sweet words. This keeps the spark alive in the relationship.

You can apply this to any other activity too, it helps to spice up the relationship.






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