Who Should Sit in The Passenger Seat? Wife or Mother-in-law?

Good day, my people. So, another one is trending now o and that is the video of the wife and mother-in-law who were dragging over who should sit in the passenger seat.

The wife, visibly annoyed could be seen yelling at the husband and mother-in-law both from outside, telling them that she was the wife now and so the passenger seat was rightfully hers. Also, it appears that she is the owner of the car as she kept saying, “I can’t sit at the back seat of my own f–king car!”

The mother-in-law is unmoved and unbothered.  She spreads her whole weight on the passenger seat in a no-shaking you-must-be-joking manner, leans towards the door, and reminds the wife that if she had not given birth to the man, the wife would have no husband in the first place so she, Mama, is not moving an inch from this place. She is his mother, the one who gave him life and she must always come first in his life.

The husband is torn between loyalty to his mother and love for his wife. He looks like a lost puppy while pleading with his wife to take things easy and please just respect his mother by taking the backseat for peace to reign.

The scenario is a mess as although the wife is trying so hard to fight for her rights, she already looks defeated while Mama sits proudly with the air of a queen that can never be dethroned.

It is well o. In Nigeria, the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law may not always fight for the rights to the passenger seat but depending on the family, most mother-in-law to daughter-in-law relationship is usually strained with Mama wanting to be in charge of her son’s marital home while daughter-in-law looks on helplessly (well, depending on her person).

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Personally, I think it is only a weak man or a hopeless Mama’s Boy that allows his mother to boss his wife about or stands by and watches as his wife mistreats his mother.

They say the way you treat your family depends on how others will treat them. If you as a man is fond of disrespecting or disregarding your wife like she were an ordinary visitor in your house, don’t be surprised when Mama extends the same to her.

If you have no regard for your mother, don’t be shocked when your wife treats her the same. There should be peace or at least, tolerance in the family and no one should disrespect






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